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Stahlwille Tools German Tools - Samstag Sales

Stahlwille 21/7 Metric Flat Box End Wrench Set
STAHLWILLE 21-7 Metric
Double Box End Flat Wrenches. Set of 7 Wrenches. $149.99 
HAZET Tools sold by Samstag Sales

HAZET 1847-2 Special Snap Ring Pliers for gearbox shaft fasteners. $59.99

Gedore German Tools - Samstag Sales

 Gedore 8210-180 JC Combination Plier German pattern, Lay-on cutter box. DIN ISO 5746. 180mm long. $35.00

Elora Tools Germany Logo
Elora 310-24 Nut Spliter for nuts up to 24mm
Elora 310-24 Nut Splitter. To split nuts to strength class 6. For Nuts up to 24mm.

Kukko Turnus 331-002K Steel stamping lower-case letter set, 27 stamps, 2mm tall. $69.00


Setting Gauge. Used to fix camshaft position sensor rotor ring when installing camshaft timing chains. For 2004 Audi S4 Sedan. $97.50

AMF 771MD-45-90 Hook Wrench 51532, Adjustable, blued, for grooved nuts made to DIN 1804. With square drive for use with a torque wrench. $109.99


Instrument Cluster Pull hooks, Wiha, Germany. For the newer cars. 182mm long. Set of 2. $39.99

0611 501
 Feeler Gauge Tape (.01mm) 5m roll. Width of 12.7mm, thickness .01mm. $79.99

Carl Walter Tools Logo

Carl Walter 2390ESN
Adjusting wrench used
to adjust torque on LF Torque Wrenches. $49.99

Kl-0196-30 Screwdriver Set for starter battery plugs. $49.99

VBW 777-000 Circlip Pliers set. This set includes pliers for inside and outside snap rings. $97.50

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