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Stahlwille Tools German Tools - Samstag Sales

Oil Bottle

HAZET Tools sold by Samstag Sales

Hazet 450N-17-19 Double Open End Wrench 220.9mm long

HAZET 450N-17x19 Wrench 

Gedore German Tools - Samstag Sales

Gedore Folding Tool Box 1263L GEDORE 1263L Folding Tool Box (Order Code: 6608250)

 Shipping Direct from Gedore USA Warehouse.

 Dimensions: H 158 x W 420 x D 225 mm

Elora Tools Germany Logo

Elora 219 Spark Plug Socket and 229D Tommy Bar Set

KUKKO 20-10
Gear Puller

VW and Audi Special German Tools       Volkswagen

Volkswagen 3371 Metric body panel alignment gauge tool set.


MotoMeter Logo

Injector Adapter for Perkins, Case, IH, and David-Brown. Limited Quantity at this price.

Porsche Tools available from Samstag Sales

Sir Tools P233 Flywheel Lock for Porsche 944

OX-Head of Germany. OX 448-000 Angle gauge for competition axe.

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771MD-45-90 Hook Wrench 51532, Adjustable, blued, for grooved nuts made to DIN 1804. With square drive for use with a torque wrench.


FourM 4M-007 Pin Wrench Socket 

Horex 2202 410 Vernier Pocket Caliper. 110mm Working Range

Carl Walter Tools Logo

 Carl Walter 4525 Grip Pliers with Parallel-Plus movable jaw.

Kl-0196-30 Screwdriver Set for starter battery plugs.

VBW 542-205 Automatic wire stripper. Chrome plated. 160mm long. For .3-1.2mm wire, 28 Gauge to 18 gauge.

Gedore German Tools - Samstag Sales

Gedore 404 Mini Hacksaw


Volkswagen 3387 Timing
Belt Install Tool

VBW 154-005
Siphon Pliers

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                                      Repair Tools BMW Tools

BMW 312 110 Install  Front Wheel Bearing Hub

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